Police discover firearms from men in the car during the roadblock

Police discover firearms from men in the car during the roadblock

Police in Suriname arrested these three men last Saturday at a roadblock set up as part of a “zero tolerance” operation in Henk Aronstraat in Paramaribo.

22-year-old VD and 39-year-old MR were passengers in the car with the 33-year-old driver LR when they were ordered to stop on the aforementioned street near the Ministry of Defence.

General examination revealed that the three men had a bag with them, which law enforcement officers searched. A black-cased pistol was found in VD's bag, which, according to the investigation and the question asked, appeared to belong to LR's employer.

However, the car's driver was unable to. R. He must present a permit to carry firearms, because he does not have one.

A pistol was also found with MR along with cartridges for which he was unable to produce any of the above documents. Reports Surinamese police

VD, MR and LR were arrested by a mixed team of the police fugitive unit and members of the Suriname Security and Assistance Service (BBS) on charges of illegal possession of firearms. The found items were confiscated as well as the car they used to travel.

The three were transferred along with the seized items to Centrum Police Station, which is responsible for conducting further investigations into this case.

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