King Harald takes a step back because of his age

King Harald takes a step back because of his age

Norwegian King Harald will work less frequently due to his age. The Norwegian court shared this on Monday afternoon.

The 87-year-old monarch is stepping back from his royal duties. This afternoon, the Norwegian court published a statement explaining the king's choice: “Due to his age, the king will adjust his program in the future. This means a permanent reduction in the number and scope of activities in which he participates.” The court said. “Practical arrangements are also being made for its official activities.”

back to work

However, the king has returned to work since Monday after a period of sick leave. Harald is “delighted” to be able to return to work and resume his “constitutional duties,” according to the Norwegian court. The King resumes meetings and meetings at the Royal Palace and official visits in Norway.

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King Harald resumes his “constitutional duties.”

The king, who is currently Europe's oldest monarch, contracted the infection in February while on vacation in Malaysia. He was admitted to hospital and fitted with a temporary pacemaker. At the beginning of March, he was fitted with a permanent pacemaker in a hospital in Norway. To recover, the king went on sick leave.

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King Harald

King Harald leaves hospital in Oslo after a successful surgery.

Fragile health

King Harald has been suffering from health problems for some time. Earlier this year, for example, he had to take it easy for a few days due to a respiratory infection, an illness he suffers from often. He also walks with the help of walking sticks. However, Harald V had no intention of resigning sooner. He recently clarified that he took an oath to the Constitution, which he says is “for life.”


King Harald is in fragile health.

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