Pilgrim Nation: The Last Dance

Pilgrim Nation: The Last Dance

Pilgrim Nation's latest podcast about American sports with a Leiden twist.

Once again Pilgrim Nation is about American sports with a Leiden twist. Presenters Bart-Jan Vesterduin and Paco Bustros-León share their passion Football, baseball and basketball And more. With listeners' reactions.

First, a quick look at sports in the past month. The College Football Playoffs, the state of play in the NBA, women's and men's college basketball, and Nick Saban's retirement. Then of course it comes to the NFL (American Football). The season is coming to an end: the Superbowl. This results in exciting playoff games and is also a rough day for a number of coaches.

The playoffs have now advanced to the conference finals. In addition to the “established” names, Chiefs, Niners, Ravens, there is the surprise Detroit Lions. The Super Bowl is scheduled to be held on Sunday, February 11.

As it's the final episode, Pilgrim Nation concludes with video messages from loyal listeners and guests of the show. Presenters look in detail at Pilgrim Nation highlights. Technician Jeri Van Bakel also opens up her mic for once and talks about her time in the US and her favorite funniest moments from the show.

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“Thank you all,” say Bart Jan Vesterduin and Paco Bustros Leon to all the guests who have visited the program in recent years or who have contributed to the program in some other way. “And thank you to Ryan Van Cleave, Chris DeWard and Slotlestad for this opportunity.”


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