A 13-year-old American boy becomes the first person ever to beat Tetris – Wel.nl

A 13-year-old American boy becomes the first person ever to beat Tetris – Wel.nl

Until now, only a computer was able to achieve a screensaver in Tetris, but now a 13-year-old boy has also managed to freeze the screen with a score of 999,999.

He is likely the first person to complete the computer game since its release over thirty years ago. The “kill screen” is so named because the familiar blocks fall so quickly that the game itself can no longer keep up with them.

A 13-year-old boy from the US state of Oklahoma has now reached this point. Blue Scuti, as he's known online, posted a video on Tuesday in which he spent about 38 minutes getting to level 157. At one point he says, “Oh I missed him.” The teenager, whose real name is Willis Gibson, believed he had placed the block incorrectly and his attempt had failed.

But he's still able to play and as the blocks keep falling, he shouts, “Please crash,” and actually falls another whole row of blocks, scoring more points. The Tetris screen freezes, meaning the lightning-fast boy has won. Its score is the famous 999999.

“No human has ever done that before,” Vince Clemente, president of the Classic Tetris World Championship, told the New York Times. “It's something everyone thought was impossible until a few years ago.”

Willis had to put in some effort to achieve his best performance. The teenager plays Tetris at least twenty hours a week. He dedicated his victory to his father, who passed away last month. The boy quickly became one of America's best Tetris players when he started playing two years ago. He uses a new, now popular technique to progress in the game.

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