Orange Nassau crushes Winsum women.  “These women are more stimulating than Amacitia VMC”

Orange Nassau crushes Winsum women. “These women are more stimulating than Amacitia VMC”

Orangi Nassau (Ontario) played mercilessly in the first game of the cup. Wensum never got involved and it was only thirteen goals to stop the First Division hunger.

Orange Nassau has a new coach with Nanne Iedema, but other than that not much has changed in the first division. Jasmine Slump is going to America for a year to study and play college football, and Fleur van der Heide is also studying across the border in Spain for a year. 17-year-old Milla Koster comes from WVV, but the starting line-up may be a little different from last season, when ON held on well in the top flight.

Groninger’s side are very hopeful for the return of Caroline Wegter, who is in the final stages of her recovery after suffering a serious injury. Edema: two more months, I think.” The battle for the goalkeeper position is open again. Karina Koepke was showered in the stands after taking part in the warm-up and Adelheid van der Pan was allowed to show her class. Last season, coach Jost Lutke chose Koepke, but Gerard Molinars had the two goalkeepers rotate between the goalkeepers.

Almost unfortunate

Van der Pan was not given any opportunity to show any of her qualities. Orange Nassau was much better than Winsum, who played in a league two divisions lower, which was sometimes a pity. The solid fighting machine chased Winsum to the farthest corners of the field. The opponent’s work ethic from northern Groningen was not.

Winsum also has a new coach. Neil Judkins, first figurehead of Viboa and later Winsum for twenty years. Judkins has previously coached women. Before that he had clear goals: we don’t want to kick all the balls away, but try to play football under pressure. And we’ll aim to keep it down to five to six.

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It soon became clear that this was not possible. Orange Nassau were better on all fronts, and with the exception of a misunderstanding between Celine Agema and Van der Pan, Wensum never got close to the Groningen goal. Bobby Dykstra was clearly looking forward to it again and hit five homers. The first two strikes came from Marieke Bass, who quietly finished off the lovely attacks.

Nanne Iedema, who came from the men’s Amacitia VMC, is having a great time on the other side of the Coendersborg sports park in the first few weeks:,,For the first time with the women, that’s right. I think the girls are very excited, the atmosphere is good and they can play football very well. I feel a huge difference in men’s football, and that’s a positive for these women from Orange Nassau. We want to become a stable middle engine in the upper echelon. But above all, enjoy playing football and get the most out of it. We take the cup very seriously and hope to go far and then play nice opponents, Ajax for example.

Brave goalkeeper

In Wensum, brave goalkeeper Anna van Dijk (replacing for the absent Melissa Schultens) was left injured after 78 minutes. Field player Lucy Dekema replaced her. Because she was wearing the orange goalkeeper jersey, she had to wear a yellow vest over it. That didn’t stop her from keeping her goal clean for the remaining fifteen minutes. Ciska de Vries was still close to scoring an honorary goal after a fantastic counter-attack. Both teams will meet Helpman in this group, but there is no doubt that ON will continue.

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Orange Nassau – Wensum 13-0

Goal progression: 7. Boss 1-0, 15. Boss 2-0, 20. Dijkstra 3-0, 26. Josephine Slamp 4-0, 33. Dijkstra 5-0, 41. Dijkstra 6-0, 48. Nygest 7-0, 50. Dijkstra 8-0, 57. Dijkstra 9-0, 58. Huizinga 10-0, 63. Huizinga 11-0, 67. Josefian Slamp 12-0, 68. Boss 13-0.

to rule: Basant

viewers : 100

Orange Nassau: van der Pan; de Boer, Dyke; Agema, Klump; Brewer, Blake (46.njst), Josephine Slamp; Bass, Huizinga (63. Kero back), Dykstra (74. Coaster).

winsome : Van Dyck (78. Decima); Bulk (25. de Vries), Bijsterfeld, Lister, Wildhuis; Jansen, Becker, Zelstra; Dijkstra (46. Elmont), Koning, Sikima.

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