Norway experiences coldest night in 25 years with -43.5 degrees |  outside

Norway experiences coldest night in 25 years with -43.5 degrees | outside

There is a cold record not only in Norway, but also in Sweden. The meteorological station in the far north of the country in Naimaka recorded a temperature of -43.8 degrees. This makes it the coldest January night in the country since 1999.

It was also on the cold side in Finland: -37.9 degrees was measured at a measuring point north of Kuusamo. Even the capital Helsinki reached a value below -20 degrees (-20.8 degrees to be precise). “These are fairly unique temperatures on a fairly warm European continent,” says meteorologist Wouter van Bernebeek. Weather Plaza.

It has been very cold in parts of Scandinavia and western Russia for some time. “It's regionally up to 20 degrees colder than normal at this time of year,” says Van Bernebeek. “However, Thursday night into Friday took the cake in terms of cold.”

The cold isn't over yet. It will still be very cold in both countries this weekend. Local media reported that the station in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, will remain open in the coming nights so that the homeless can spend the night there. This offer remains valid as long as it is too cold to sleep outside.

“It has been years since there has been such a huge reservoir of cold air over Europe at the beginning of January,” says meteorologist Van Bernebeek. “We will of course have to wait and see how the rest of this winter plays out with cold weather.” This large amount of cold.

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