The US Secretary of Defense (70) keeps the days of treatment in the hospital secret

The US Secretary of Defense (70) keeps the days of treatment in the hospital secret

“I realize I could have done a better job ensuring the public was informed,” 70-year-old Minister Lloyd Austin wrote in a short statement yesterday. “I promise I'll get better.”

Or intensive care

What happened? The Defense Minister was admitted to hospital for surgery on New Year's Day, early this week. Due to complications, he had to stay in the hospital until yesterday. According to American media, he ended up in intensive care.

It was only on Friday, five days later, that the Pentagon announced the minister's acceptance. according to CNN And a news site POLITICO Even President Joe Biden didn't know Austin was in the hospital until Thursday afternoon. The White House does not deny this.

A major position in the army

As Secretary of Defense, Austin holds a key position in the U.S. military's command structure. After Biden, who is the commander-in-chief, he is second in command. He is the link between the military leadership and the president.

It is possible that this role could be transferred to someone else, but it is unclear whether that has happened.

Lack of openness

In his statement, Austin did not write what was treated. It is also unknown what complications occurred. The lack of openness has led to a storm of anger in Washington. Many political leaders are demanding clarification.

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