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Nintendo offers a repair subscription for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. For about one and a half euros per month, users can order six repairs with a maximum value of about 700 euros. They don’t pay anything extra other than the monthly amount.

the service Includes the Nintendo Switch console, variants, and accessories. Users can opt out at any time after purchasing their console. It applies not only to wear and tear, but also to falls and water damage. Of course there are exceptions to the service: defects in devices are not fixed after obtaining a subscription, for example. After a “standalone” fix, you can subscribe.

A common defect of the Nintendo Switch is that the analog sticks for Joy-Cons are called the point Display: They then pass the input without the user fiddling with the stick. However, it appears that Nintendo is working on this problem for the customer for free, even if the warranty has expired. This is what Vice Games reported in 2019 Based on internal Nintendo documentation. Anecdotes about Nintendo’s free stick drift fixes are also easy to find on the web. Effectively, this repair service is actually about everything except stick drift.

Furthermore, Nintendo does not incentivize the show, even when asked, Through IGN for example† There, the company only states that the service is only available in Japan and they have nothing to advertise about developing similar services outside the country. As far as is known, Sony and Microsoft do not offer a similar service with their consoles.

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