Niantic actually thought old Pokémon GO boxes were so cheap!

Niantic actually thought old Pokémon GO boxes were so cheap!

Although there are still players hoping for the old Pokémon GO boxes to return, that seems to be over for now. When asked about the reason for the diminishing value for money in chests, Michael Steranka, Head of Pokémon GO at Niantic, answered:

“Incredibly good deals” as virtual boxes for so long, and it’s “a little irresponsible” for them to leave them available for as long as they do.

In other words, Pokémon GO boxes have been way too cheap for way too long and it was actually irresponsible. He also noted that players tend to keep looking to the past. That’s right in the past. According to Steranka, it’s a good idea to always keep looking at the value and what you’re getting for it. On a personal note, I find €2 (approximately) for almost three times a Pokemon to be really worth nothing, disproportionate. However, there is a difference between Niantic’s point of view (the value of things in the game) and the players’ point of view.

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