Doutzen Kroes promotes a questionable brand in an Instagram post

Doutzen Kroes promotes a questionable brand in an Instagram post

Doutzen Cross

What initially blew us away about the post was that Doutzen presents himself as a model without genes with crow’s feet and facial pigment spots. In an age where only the perfect picture is served, this is totally refreshing.

But if you scroll some of the images further, you’ll see a picture of a bottle of Lulu by Nature. It is the “Magic Sunshine Elixir” which claims to be an “ode to the sun”. On the brand’s website, the product description states that the product allows the skin to “tone with the sun’s rays.” With the product, the brand wants to inspire everyone who uses the product to “honor the sun and give thanks for its radiant light every morning.”

Plus, the brand claims in a post on its Instagram page that skin cancer is not caused by the sun. He also talks about “common sense” and that one should “go deep into operations”. In addition, smearing with sunscreen will not allow the skin to “communicate with sunlight.”

In other words: a blatant denial of the science that has proven that overexposure of the skin to UV rays is one of the most common causes of skin cancer.

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skin cancer

In 2022, skin cancer was the most common type of cancer diagnosed in the Netherlands. That year, 23,300 patients were diagnosed with melanoma. The Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Center (IKNL) states that skin cancer in the Netherlands is taking on epidemic proportions.

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