More evidence of the dangers of processed foods

More evidence of the dangers of processed foods

review transportation car A series of meta-analyses The BMJ publication once again shows how unhealthy ultra-processed foods are. This includes: baked goods, packaged snacks, soft drinks, sugary cereals, ready-made or hot products that contain colorings, emulsifiers, flavorings and other additives and many added sugars, fats and/or salt.

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Melissa Lin and her colleagues collected 45 meta-analyses, totaling nearly 10 million participants.

IMPORTANT: None of the studies included were funded by the companies involved in the production of this food. Their findings confirm what we already know: To varying degrees, ultra-processed foods are associated with an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, sleep problems, depression and anxiety, and cardiovascular disease-related deaths. Researchers have found only limited evidence that consumption of this food is linked to asthma, digestive disorders, and some forms of cancer.

Warning signs

In all, there is sufficient reason for three commentators (Carlos Montero and others) to defend warning labels on packages, limiting advertising and banning sales in or near schools and hospitals, and imposing taxes and other measures requiring the processing of unprocessed or minimally processed foods and fresh meals Which are easily accessible and available like ultra-processed foods. They now believe it is time for UN agencies to work with member states to develop and implement a framework treaty on these foods, similar to that on tobacco.

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