Miss Universe splits from Indonesian chapter after ‘topless inspection’, Dutch-born winner allowed to continue |  Displays

Miss Universe splits from Indonesian chapter after ‘topless inspection’, Dutch-born winner allowed to continue | Displays

The Miss Universe International Organization has split from the Indonesian branch after allegations of sexual misconduct. Many of the participants stated that they had to stand topless and have their bodies checked for cellulite. It is about the domestic preliminary round for the international elections that our country sends Ricky Cooley to. Miss Indonesia, who was born in the Netherlands, is still allowed to participate.

The organization appears to confirm the allegations on X, the former’s Twitter. “The events (in Indonesia, ed.) are completely opposite to everything we stand for,” says Miss Universe. “After learning about what happened, it is clear that this division has not adhered to our brand standards, ethics, and expectations as set out in our handbook and code of conduct.”

Six participants from Miss Universe Indonesia have filed a complaint against the organization. Just before the final in Jakarta, five of them were asked to remove their underwear in a crowded room so that the organization could examine their bodies. Then the women were photographed topless. Someone told her to spread her legs, too. The examinations aim to check whether women have scars, cellulite or tattoos.

We want to make it very clear that there are no height, weight or body proportions requirements to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. He praises the “bravery” of the women who have spoken out, promising improvement.

also “bribe”

The organization specifically cuts all ties with Poppy Capella, division chief in Indonesia and Malaysia. She confirmed this week that she never ordered a body scan. She thinks lies have been spread to get her out. Her organization was also accused of taking money from the Miss Indonesia winner, which she also denied.

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Miss Indonesia is Fabian Nicole Groeneveld, born in Spijkenisse, Netherlands. Despite the estrangement between the two organizations, she was allowed to participate in the 73rd Miss Universe pageant, later this year in El Salvador. She has not yet responded to the protest.

Miss Indonesia Fabian Nicole Groenefeld (left) and Bobby Capela are pictured together. Read under the post

Italy only wants “born women”

It is the second time in a short time that Miss Universe has lost her credibility. When the organization in Italy saw a transgender person elected missing for the first time in the Netherlands, its president emphasized that only “born women” were allowed to participate there. Many transgender people registered in protest. Internationally, transgender women have been allowed to participate since 2012.

Miss Holland 2023, Ricky Colley. © Pronoprice

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