Marcel van Roosmalen: Wilfred Jenny was yelling at me after VI aired

Marcel van Roosmalen: Wilfred Jenny was yelling at me after VI aired

When Marcel, from his bar stool, slams TV connoisseur Angela de Jong on the programme, Rene states that it is precisely Marcel and Jigs Gruntmann who will hold the baton for four weeks from June. inside today take over their talk show marcel and jigs, They take themselves seriously. For example, Marcel does not want a VI-The guys call Gijs “Greengrocer”.

“We’re in the firing line, Giggs,” Marcel began the podcast. According to him, Renee feels visibly angry during the broadcast, after which he receives support from Wilfred. “Then that Gijp started screaming out of nowhere. To be honest, I didn’t know what it was about at all. It was about saying to Groentboer that I couldn’t take it and that I was going to say it. (…) I didn’t really go in the middle.”

Instructing Wilfrid never to say Gruntborough again, according to Marcel, is out of the question. “This is very strange. When you are attacked A, with a lie, and B, you think: What is this? (…) As if I took Wilfried Jenny, the man with whom I can hardly speak, say: ‘Would you please stop calling Gijs Groenteman Gijs Groenteboer, we can’t handle that well.”

The reason for the “hate relationship” was a joke orange summer It didn’t work out at that time. Marcel appeared as a columnist on the show and made a joke about Wilfred when he was “being attacked personally and professionally”. I woke up VIPresenter of “Thorn of Anger” after which the column of those broadcasts was deleted.

after broadcast inside today In February Marcel takes the full blow from Wilfrid. “Every time he sees me, it triggers something in him. After that broadcast, he was also yelling at me that I shouldn’t assume my children were being threatened.” Do not take other people’s children into account at all! It is said that Wilfred said.

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In that conversation, which was no longer a conversation, someone from production said, ‘Otherwise, go stand between the set pieces, because it would be very awkward.'”

Marcel was angry with Renee after last Friday’s broadcast and confronted him about the altercation. “He can’t handle that at all. Then you see those eyes turn away and then he says, ‘This is no good.'” He also met Wilfred backstage. “Wilfred puts his hands in the air like, ‘Did you do that again?’”

Marcel says that Wilfred is “an expert idiot of the game”. “It’s weird when you’re faced with that. You just feel attacked in that chair. There’s nowhere to go.” The writer is reading from his book in the broadcast the total. “I should have thrown this book at them. I’m done with it.”

After Marcel’s account, Gijs explained: “I would like to make a formal statement that I don’t find funny, but I don’t mind if people call me Groenteboer. People can call me Gray Groenteboer as much as they want. I think it’s not funny.”

“I have a feeling we are entering a very warm bath in Talpa,” Marcel concludes wryly. The gentlemen told us they had their first meet-up on their talk show today. You can listen to the full podcast below.

Rob Goossens believes that the VIThe riot will have a positive effect on Marcel and Gijs’ talk show:

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