Microsoft is testing Minecraft with ray tracing on Xbox Series consoles – Games – News

Your comments depend of course of the devices, settings, and tweaks you use.

minecraft java vanilla Runs fine – very solid 60fps – on my Ryzen 2400G APU on Fancy with 12pcs viewing distance at 1080p.

If I install Modloader Fabric and the Sodium, Lithium, and Phosphor mods, I can play fantastically with a 24-32 segment rendering distance at 1080p/60FPS, depending on how much mods I still install and the version of MineCraft JAVA used.

Shader is popular with Minecraft. There are some things that are totally over the top, where the world isn’t even a cube anymore and you have a more realistic shade of sun, moon and water which leaves more vanilla with a little more frills. This is how I see MineCraft RayTracing too. An embellishment that you can MineCraft with, but of course you don’t have to.

Personally, I think RayTracing could add something. Ambiance! Light is the most important element of a scene when you’re talking about the visual aspects (otherwise I’d say sound/music). When applied correctly of course! You often see that they add a lot of reflection and other RayTracing effects IMHO to show off RayTracing, not to make it prettier. Just as when the “Bloom Effect” was introduced, it was also used excessively – which looked ugly IMHO – to show effect rather than subtly embellish the scene. The latter is what comes to my mind when I see these MineCraft screenshots from MicroSoft…

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