Michella Kox, Rob Geus and more on the new RTL show

Michella Kox, Rob Geus and more on the new RTL show

Since there is room for one final winner in this elimination race, one person is ejected per episode. Who has the best job skills and can crown himself a ‘Famous Beginner’ at the end of the race?

Under the leadership of self-made Rotterdam millionaire Michel Peredon and his assistants, entrepreneurial twins Marie and Julie Reynders, a very sharp judgment is made about the knowledge and skills of the participants. The nominees to take on the challenge are: Media Personality Michela Cox, Artist and Entrepreneur Bizzey, YouTuber Jesse Maya, Artist Sjak, Television Maker and Writer Catherine Keel, Hygiene Expert Rob Goss, Editor-in-Chief and Property Expert at RTL Boulevard Justine Marcella, Former MP Henk Kroll, Presenter Presenter and analyst Anouk Hogendyk and TV pilot Maxim Hartmann.

celebrity novice Originated from British coordination the Apprentice It was a hit in the United States and the United Kingdom with sixteen seasons. After the season ends in Australia, a version can be seen in Videoland in 2022 with celebrities participating not to win a well-paid job, but to show their entrepreneurial skills to the Netherlands.

It is not yet known when the show will appear in Videoland in 2022.

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