Max’s Sports Weekend today: Orange return to the European Championship cycle, Van Gaal, chip by piece, cos or good?

Max’s Sports Weekend today: Orange return to the European Championship cycle, Van Gaal, chip by piece, cos or good?

Football, cycling, Formula 1, hockey, skiing, athletics, rugby: true sports fans have plenty to enjoy every weekend. But why should we really stay home? Our analysts Robert and Hein are looking forward to our sports weekend here.

Robert: I’m ashamed, Hein. Last week, I couldn’t help but mention the achievements of our national volleyball teams. The women in particular did a great job of taking home the bronze medal at the European Championships, after bravely defeating world champions Serbia in the semi-finals. I hope I made up for it with this honorable mention and I wish the ladies the best of luck in qualifying for the Games.

Hein: Credit where credit really is due, Celeste with Bronze Plaque is due. However, a lot has happened in sports. And we happily continue the circus, because cycling enthusiasts will not be missing anything. 4 consecutive sprint wins for Olaf Quigg in Great Britain, with Woot van Aart as the luxury flagship. The last kilometers traveled by Animek van Vloten in her country. And of course the second weekend of the Vuelta, with a stop at the Tourmalet. Do you think Seb Kose can compete with the best again? And can you make a serious shot for the overall victory? Or should he prioritize his commanders in Jumbo-Visma, Roglic and Vingegaard?

Robert: Isn’t Sep Kos only about the goodwill factor? He is now in good shape, and is more than a minute ahead of Evinpool. If the final victory of the Jumbo-Visma rider is in jeopardy, Roglič and Vingegaard can always step forward. In this case, Roglic is the right man, as he is currently in better shape than Tour winner Wengegaard. One more thing: Why do we always pronounce the American jockey’s name Sepp Koss in German? So it sounds like Koes with a Dutch voice? I think the phrase in Dutch – so “kiss!” – Approaching. But I never heard that in radio and television commentaries.

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Hein: Whatever you pronounce his exact name, my admiration for this humble American in the Dutch service grows every week. This year we’ve already done two big tours in Italy and France, always thinking about the best interest of the team, and then being able to do that. It would be great to be in the spotlight in Madrid, with the help of the Giro and Tour winners.

Robert: Say Hen, let’s talk about Louis. And I mean, of course, our outstanding former national coach. The man who always referred to himself as the “National Coach” in his most memorable media appearances. In the week the Orange woke up from a summer nap with his successor, Ronald Koeman, he was once again “well present”. And I don’t mean his “appearance” in the popular televised reruns the aboveDocumentary but His statements After being awarded the Eredivisie Oeuvre. What should we think about it? He claimed that FIFA wanted Messi to become a world champion. “A sore loser,” thought the Argentines. Comments please!

Hein: Well, I see some parallels with the riots around Pierre van Hooydonk. Of course Van Gaal can’t prove something like that, so you know this can only turn against you. I wouldn’t say this myself. Anyway, I’m not the one who calls himself the national coach. And speaking of which: Netherlands-Greece, 3-0. Back to the European Championship, with the always tough away game against Ireland the day after tomorrow?

Robert: By the way, the Pi-Air has been rehabilitated pretty quickly, but that’s aside. And Ireland away from home is always tough. Remember the drama at Landsdowne Road when the Netherlands were knocked out of the 2002 World Cup 1-0? By the wayDuring the reign of Louis it was. His 1-3-2-3-2 (or 1-5-3-2) system at the recent World Cup in Qatar proved key to a 3-0 victory over the Greeks. But at the 2016 World Cup in Brazil, Luis took it again from Koeman, who then used it at Feyenoord. And so the circle is completed again.

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Hein: As a famous poet, who is also a former national coach, can say so beautifully. Then we close. Enough nice weather to look forward to, Orange, the tourmaline stage of the Vuelta, and the finale of the US Open. And don’t forget France vs New Zealand in the opening match of the Rugby World Cup.

Robert: May I draw attention to our rowers? The World Cup is taking place in Belgrade. We are a real rower country. Still important in next year’s games. Again and again, Heine.

(Photo: Gerrit van Keulen/The Australian News Agency)

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