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Nintendo released an update for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit on Thursday. The AR game update is free and adds new environments, among other things. It’s the game’s first update to include new content.

Update 1.1.0 will be downloaded automatically when players start the game. Nintendo has added the Mario Cup to the game and in Release Notes It can be read that this cup has three new environments. Although you race through your living room in the game, virtual items in certain themes appear during the race. With this update, there will be more variation on this.

In addition, Yoshi items have been added to the chariots. The physical carriages of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit only allow you to drive with Mario or Luigi, but the appearance of the carriages can be changed in the game. Now also including Yoshi’s look

On the website Nintendo Japan also features new obstacles. The photo shows how the barrels roll on the track. The barrels are more likely to stop your kart if you hit it.

Mario Kart Live: The Home Arena figured Last October for the Nintendo Switch. The game allows you to drive through your living room with controllable cartoon carts. Augmented reality allows you to race on a Nintendo Switch console against someone who also owns the game and against computer-controlled opponents.

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