Margot Robbie reveals how she filmed the much-discussed foot scene: ‘They really are mine’ |  Displays

Margot Robbie reveals how she filmed the much-discussed foot scene: ‘They really are mine’ | Displays

The much-discussed “perfect” feet from the new trailer BarbieThe movie is really from actress Margot Robbie (32). The Australian reveals it in various interviews this week. How can she keep her feet straight like a doll?

the movie Barbie With Robbie as the well-known doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken he wouldn’t appear for another three weeks, but he dominated social media for weeks. Especially the first seconds of the trailer, which has been viewed some 35 million times in the past month. The image zooms in on Barbie’s feet, which are emerging from her pink slippers. When a normal person stands flat on the floor, Barbie’s feet remain straight and ready for the next shoe.

Chrissy Teigen, who used to be a model, couldn’t believe her eyes. “I want to know everything about this shot,” she replied in a tweet that received 227,000 likes. How long did it take, was she holding on to something, was she dangling from something, was the floor sticky, was it her feet, and who did the pedicure? I actually want a documentary about this scene. She’s famous The Wall Street Journal He even interviewed a podiatrist about the photos, who confirmed that the way to stand is almost physically impossible.

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How was the scene filmed?

First of all: it’s really Ruby’s feet. “I don’t like it when I’m watching a movie and I know it’s not in my hands, I hate it so much. I always say to the director: please let me record everything myself, otherwise I won’t like it, ”says the actress in Fandango. The much-discussed scene took “about eight takes,” according to Robbie.

There was double sided tape on the floor so the shoes stayed in place when I got out. Ruby wasn’t holding some kind of lever and tool, as he might have expected. “I was kind of holding on to a bar. I came and held a bar over the camera.”

Barbie is not sexy

By the way, the scene is not meant to be a cure for fetishists. Barbie shouldn’t be sexy at all. “I was like, Well, she’s a doll. She’s a plastic doll. She has no organs, no genitals. If she doesn’t, does she feel sexual urges? No, I don’t think so,” Robbie said earlier. Vogue magazine. In other words: People can think something sexual about Barbie, but: “She should never be sexy.” Yes, she can wear a miniskirt, but only because it’s fun and pink. Not because she wanted to see her ass.”

The Barbie from the movie must also match the “brand” of Mattel’s Barbie, which makes the dolls. The company president flew to the movie’s set on high legs to discuss with Robbie and director Greta Gerwig about a scene he didn’t think was on-brand appropriate, he writes. time. It is not clear which scene this is. He didn’t change his mind until they played the scene for Richard Dixon.

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The movie also includes a soundtrack full of A-list stars, including Dua Lipa, and a controversial poster.

Chrissy Teigen notes that recreating the foot scene isn’t so easy:

Watch the trailer for Barbie:

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