Thys Zeemann catches the chaser in action and confronts him

Thys Zeemann catches the chaser in action and confronts him

The first episode of Sailor Confrontation: The Stalkers The film revolves around Suzie, whose life is dominated by an ex-stalker, Jan. He cannot accept the end of his relationship with her. Trying to get it back, he collapsed. Destroyed cars, chases and bangs on her windows: Jan can’t accept the end of their relationship after five years.

Fourteen flat tires, a locked car door and a broken front door lock later, that’s enough. In an effort to catch a red-handed stalker and confront him about his behavior, Thijs and his team do everything they can to bring Suzie back to life.

Because of the stalking behavior of her ex-husband, Suzy not only looks back when she walks down the street, but so do her children. “What I don’t understand is that someone you know well can suddenly turn around. That’s what they call love. I really don’t.” Her eldest son is very worried about his mother. “It goes further than I thought. (…) Unfathomable.”

Team Thijs managed to catch Jan in the act when he punctured Suzie’s tires again during a date with a new guy. The next morning it turned out that the other tires had shattered as well, and the windows had shattered. Under the car there was a tracker, so Jan always knew where her car was.

During the long-awaited confrontation, Jean vehemently denied. He tells Thijs that he has long since discontinued his actions. Jean refuses to have a normal conversation during the confrontation and can’t explain why he’s harassed his ex for a year, after which he drives with squeaking tires.

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The big question is whether the confrontation made an impression. Suzy gives an update after a while. She begins, “I never heard him, saw him, or spoke to him again, and he did nothing crazy.” “It’s actually very quiet, fortunately. It gives me a lot of peace.”

Sailor Confrontation: The Stalkers It can be watched every Monday at 8:30 PM RTL 5.

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