Lisa’s friend keeps track of exactly what everyone is eating on an Excel sheet

Lisa’s friend keeps track of exactly what everyone is eating on an Excel sheet

“The barbecue was very nice. I got home just in time after a nice evening. The next morning, I got up and looked at the group app, which contained a lot of messages – including an Excel sheet. “

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Excel sheet

“Yeah, really, Excel sheet. It kept track of who drank how much beer, who ate which apple (which was still in the fruit basket), who took ice cream out of the freezer, who ate how many pieces of meat, who ate and who ate. He didn’t eat the loaf.” French. And so on and so on. I put the names of those present under one another and filled in everything.”

“I didn’t eat much, but I got a Tikkie for €5.50. If we’re going to do it like this, I guess so. After some laughing with other friends about the situation, I texted Lotte saying I still got it for €1.50.” For a baguette. She didn’t appreciate it and said I could leave it that way.”

“Now I have a little contact with Lotte, but I still laugh about it every time with friends. Keep track of who ate and drank what. On an Excel sheet. I think it’s very funny.”

* Lisa’s name has been changed. Her real name is known to the editors.

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