Leontine Ruiters ran into herself during an “inside trip” in Ibiza

Leontine Ruiters ran into herself during an “inside trip” in Ibiza

The “inner journey”, which Leontine says began “many years” before the ongoing case against Marco, “takes her literally and figuratively to many different places”. “Some of them are beautiful, some of them are less beautiful, but I am grateful that in both places I encounter versions of myself that I have never seen before and that I can embrace with love,” she shares with her followers on Instagram.

One of those beautiful places to attract celebrities is Ibiza. A recent trip to the “magnificent and magical island” has brought her “a lot closer to herself”. “And I’ve met beautiful new people again.”

One of them is a Real Housewife in Amsterdam, who reportedly resigned at any given time. “Thank you, dear girls, thank you, dear Mireille von Carlsberg, for the enchanted days,” Leontyne concludes, stirring the soul.

This isn’t the first time Leontine has let her followers follow her spiritual path. Between visits to her friend and hairdresser Liko and trips to Tanzania, among other things, she took courses to become a certified Reiki master.

“It’s even more connected and connected to myself, feeling rather than thinking, in my body than in my head and connecting with my intuition,” she recently wrote of this achievement.

Marco Borsato, in turn, leads a reclusive life, just in case Research aggressive behavior With a girl who was underage at the time. The love life of his ex-wife Leontine, who bore the singer three children, continues in the meantime.

In October 2022, she confirmed her relationship with millionaire John Huberts. Less than six months later, they announced their split. Rumors are now circulating about a reconciliation between the two. There is certainly no shortage of interest in the spiritual, female Leontine, who presents herself as a dream partner B&B with love filter Walter appearance.

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