Caroline Tensen hacks a message from home in Over De Ocean |  RTL Street

Caroline Tensen hacks a message from home in Over De Ocean | RTL Street

In “Across the Ocean”, famous Dutch people with no experience cross the Atlantic Ocean. A journey of more than 5,000 kilometers, during which they must rely on each other. The home front is far away, but they recorded a podcast for everyone involved. This also applies to the children of Caroline Tensen (60 years old). When they started talking to their mother, she burst into tears.

“She was alone at the helm on top of her full-time job.”

In their letter, her children tell us what Caroline is like as a mother and how strongly she dealt with setbacks after the divorce from their father, among other things. “She was driving alone on top of her full-time job. Sometimes I wonder how she managed all of that,” her son said. Moving, renovating, going on vacation as a single parent: these are all things Caroline would also “usually” do in addition to her career.

They also told us how proud they were to share it. When she hears these sweet words, Caroline can’t keep dry. “We are incredibly proud of you, but I miss you so much, too,” her daughter says. Her son adds: “Just wait a little while, I love you and I will see you soon.” Their mother’s tears are visibly flowing, but she points out that she really enjoys hearing from her children again.

For Caroline, the adventure represents a great challenge. She is in charge of cooking on the ship, which she is very happy about at first. However, she soon discovers that cooking for the entire crew is a big task. Especially since sailing causes fluctuations on board the ship.

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However, Caroline’s trip goes well overall. Furthermore, despite the loss of home, the trip gives her a moment of self-reflection and reflection on everything she has already endured, such as her divorce and the depression she experienced during menopause.

Over the ocean It can be watched every Thursday at 8:30 pm on RTL 4.

Watch below to see how participants said goodbye to their loved ones on their way to their adventure:

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