The Skülenboarch bridge is wrapped in Christo style

The Skülenboarch bridge is wrapped in Christo style

Friday, May 24, 2024 at 6:25 pm

Jestrum – Rijkswaterstaat wrapped the Skûlenboarch Bridge this week in style Christo. Perhaps the artist was an inspiration. Perhaps Christo’s most famous packaging works are the Reichtag in Berlin (1995) or the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in 2021.

Why packed?

The big question is of course why the bridge was so crowded. Earlier this week, the Rijkswaterstaat told this site that it wanted to prevent birds (swallows) from nesting in the bridge’s hollow spaces. Earlier this week, the open areas were also finished with wood.


In any case, the bridge will look beautiful when a number of MPs visit the bridge between Eastermar and Jestrøm on Saturday. The bridge has been broken since February after a ship hit the closed bridge deck.

“Because of the connection, the community of Geström-Skolenburg is now divided into two parts. People have to drive to get to the neighbours, the store, the school or the doctor. On Saturday, May 25, the state members will pay a visiting business fare to the residents.” So informed FNP.

Ready at the end of this year

Although the Rijkswaterstaat has promised to repair the bridge by the end of the year, it is still unclear what the future of the bridge and the Kootstertille Bridge will ultimately be. The province of Frieslan also plays an important role in addition to the Rijkswaterstadt.

Support for the community

FNP State Member Seta Lande-Dotinga: “It is about our residents. It should not be the case that the community is divided in two for long periods of time and that neighbors have to drive for tens of minutes. We must support the community, make sure their concerns are heard and understood, propose solutions and ramp up pressure “.

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