Update on the activities of Catherine, Princess of Wales

Update on the activities of Catherine, Princess of Wales

Catherine, Princess of Wales will not be undertaking any (public) work in the near future. This was recently stated by a spokesman for Kensington Palace in London. The British Princess was not present at the presentation of a report on her charitable foundation. Read more below.

The Princess of Wales revealed last March that she had cancer and that her treatment had begun. In January, 42-year-old Catherine underwent abdominal surgery. So Prince William’s wife has been living out of sight for some time.

public works

A report was recently published on the Royal Early Childhood Foundation Centre, a charity founded by Catherine in 2021. The Princess of Wales was informed of the report, but did not attend its presentation in London. A Kensington Palace spokesman said the institution remained central to Catherine’s public work. However, it will be a while before we see her in public again. A palace spokesman said: “The Princess is not expected to return to work until her medical team allows her to recover.”

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Catherine, Princess of Wales during a working visit in 2023.

Image critique

Katherine was also in the news earlier this week due to a newly drawn photo. British-Zambian artist Hannah Ozor painted a portrait of Prince William’s wife specifically for the cover of Tatler magazine. Ozor based his work on thousands of photographs of the princess. The artist also incorporated the recent news surrounding Katherine’s cancer diagnosis into her canvas. “Without a doubt, all my photos are made up of different layers of the character, and are made up of everything I can find about her,” she says. However, many people do not like the photo, hence the harsh criticism.

Image: ANP&X

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