Hundreds of migrant workers in Almelo, but where will they live?  Multiple sites investigated

Hundreds of migrant workers in Almelo, but where will they live? Multiple sites investigated

Theft of Ladora cooperative village

In a previous article that appeared in Oost, Bram Reynders, president of the Aadorp Village Cooperative, said he was upset by the course of events surrounding the permit application for the Plesmanweg.

He was surprised by a phone call from the council member, and finds it unacceptable for the municipality to adopt a participation policy that does not seem to apply to the situation in Edorp.

Alderman from Aadorp

Councilor van Rees answers: “I am a member of the village council of Adorp and I regularly sit at the table with these people. We have a district manager who also walks there every week. There are all kinds of forms of consultation. I don’t understand why that is.” It is said that no consultation is possible.

According to the local councillor, communications about this plan were properly carried out. “The initiator is submitting a request to us. As long as we as a council have not made a decision on this request, we will not talk about it with other people. I told Mr. Reinders I would call if there is anything. Over.”

“Furthermore,” says the council member, “we are talking about the lands and the industrial area in Almelo. It is not in Adorp, it borders Adorp. But it has much more boundaries than that. For example, it borders the Indies as well.” “

Van Rees says the following about the participation policy: “This process lies with the initiator. These are simply the existing structures that are fully compliant with the rules of the new environmental law. As a municipality, we must check whether this participation process has been completed correctly but basically “It’s the timing.”

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