Jan Smit is “very proud” to be part of De Toppers |  RTL Street

Jan Smit is “very proud” to be part of De Toppers | RTL Street

Jan Smit (38) feels “very proud” to have been part of the De Toppers spin-off for several years. In his radio show “Muziekfeest op de Radio” on Sterren NL, the singer gave a sneak peek at the first of three concerts that took place last night at Johan Cruijff Arena. He also praised the “best performance” of René Fruger.

“What Rene Fruger has achieved is unprecedented.”

“I have to say, Rene Fruger, we jokingly and rightly call him the Toppers Champion, but what he has come up with again this year with Pino Di Leeuw, the technical director, is unprecedented. At Toppers, anything is possible. This is who I am.” I am part of that and I am proud. “Very much of it,” Jan told his friend Jan Paparazzi.

Jan described the turnout as the best moment of the evening. “I can say that now, because people saw that last night, but we showed up on surfboards. That’s very special and you really have to keep your balance, but that’s really the most beautiful moment. Then when you walk into the stadium you see all those faces and everyone’s wearing tropical clothes.” …”, sums up Jan. According to him, the concert series is “the highlight of the year.” He laughed, saying: “68 thousand people, you don’t get this every day!”

Jan Smit will be at the Johan Cruyff Stadium with Froger, Gerwen van der Boom and Gerard Gölling today and again tomorrow. This year there will be guest appearances from Marco Schweitmaker and Dries Rolfink, among others.

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