“Kody Brown spent the money he promised to his ex-girlfriend, Donald Trump.”

“Kody Brown spent the money he promised to his ex-girlfriend, Donald Trump.”

Kody has spent nearly $7,000 in donations to Republicans in recent years, while some of the sister wives have financial concerns.

Cody is currently only married to his fourth wife, Robyn. Meri, Janelle, and Kristen are far from it. However, in 2018, all the women are still with him and he buys a huge estate called Coyote Pass. His plan was to build a house for every woman, but due to financial problems he had to postpone all renovation work. Remarkably, he was able to purchase a house worth $890,000 for Robin at that time.

Janelle recently broke down in tears when she revealed that she wouldn’t get a dime if she left Kodi. “We moved to Flagstaff and bought this property. We had a vision to build homes there and we bought the property with cash. We had to take out a mortgage on a small portion of the land because we couldn’t afford it there.” “We don’t pay that much, we could lose the plot, but Cody is burying his head in the sand. All my money is in that plot of land, so I won’t have anything left when Cody leaves.”

It seems that Cody himself has quite a bit of money to spend. That’s how he found out United States Sun That Kody has made at least forty donations to Republican presidential candidates since 2020. For example, he is said to have spent $520 on Vivek Ramaswamy and $250 on the fundraising platform WinRed. He also spends a total of $500 to support Donald Trump. So it turns out that Cody has his priorities when it comes to spending his money.

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