“Without character, I find it scandalous.”

“Without character, I find it scandalous.”

Johan Dirksen strongly criticized Chantal Janzen on Friday evening. The Today Inside boss thinks it’s shameful that the TV star kicked Theis Rumer. Janzen, 44, said this week that she never wants to see Rumer again.

Until recently, Janzen was friends with Romer, who in August was sentenced to three months in prison (two of which were suspended) and 240 hours of community service for allegedly assaulting three underage girls online between 2015 and 2017.

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Dirksen is disappointed that Janzen is now siding with Egon de Jong (former Romer) and bringing down Romer. “I was very upset with Chantal Janzen, who has such a story in the story that she does not want to see Thejs Römer again. Chantal Janzen and her husband were very friends with Thejs Römer and his partner. Then I think: If I am now that Thejs Römer is on the floor, and I should not She could kick him again weeks later by saying she never wanted him again. If she were a real friend, she would go to him now and support him.

Derksen states that “of course” Romer was stupid. “He’s now the saddest and most miserable man in Holland and he’s lying on the floor. Then Mrs. Janzen comes and kicks him in front of the stage. I think it’s really scandalous. He’s got his comeuppance. The whole thing is Holland vomiting on him.” Then you only have your friends with whom you always had dinner Nice and kick them again. I find this impersonal.”

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