Just like Nikkie de Jager: the magic of makeup, look and compare!  |  Women's magazine

Just like Nikkie de Jager: the magic of makeup, look and compare! | Women’s magazine

Step 1 Remove the eyebrows

Mitina: “Remove hair only under the eyebrow and not too much! Touch it with a pencil; draw a line with the hairline. Blend this with a brush for a natural result.”

Step 2 Remover

“The area under the eyes picks up a lot of shade, which leads to the appearance of circles. Concealer brightens these dark spots.”

Step 3 Foundation

“You rarely see perfectly even skin, almost everyone has spots (pigment), pimples, and scars…work them out with a good foundation.”

Step 4 Shading

“Play with the shade. The darker color just below the cheekbones makes the face appear narrower. Darken the double chin and the jawline appears more prominent.”

Step 5: Eye Shadow

“First I apply primer, then eyeshadow. Libertine’s purple to enhance the green in her eyes, Tanya’s rust brown to make her blue eyes pop.”

Step 6 Eyeliner Pen

“That’s a sultry expression. Provided it’s a nice line, so practice this clenched hand.”

Step 7 Mascara

“For fuller lashes, sweep the brush from the roots in an upward zigzag motion toward the ends, especially from the outside.”

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Step 8 Extra eyelashes

“I use the largest false eyelashes. This makes the eye visually larger.”

Step 9: Define the lips

“The line outside the lips makes it bigger. Bonus feature: The lip liner stops the lipstick from spreading.”

Step 10 Lipstick

“For small lips, choose a light color. And: what makes you lighter comes to the front; what is darker fades into the background.”

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