Super Mario copes with Italian situations

Jeanine Heinz on the chaos in Iraq

Elections should have brought peace back to Iraq, but it has not happened yet. Politics was shattered and Iraqi Prime Minister Qadim escaped an attack. Bernard Hummelberg talks about this with Jeanine Hennessy, the ambassador to Iraq on behalf of the United Nations.

Jeanine Heinz on the chaos in Iraq

Jeanine Heinz, UN envoy to IraqANP / AFP

Taiwan warning against China

China is increasingly open to annexing Taiwan. To seek support, Taiwan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Harry Cheng toured Europe. Bernard spoke with him at Hammelburg, The Hague Center for Strategic Studies. Although the Netherlands does not recognize Taiwan – as most countries do – it does not mean that, according to Cheng, the Netherlands will not be able to further strengthen its ties with Taiwan. VVD MP Ruben Brecklemans reacts.

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Europe update

He is the wonder boy of the European conservative right. Sebastian Kurz is currently bidding farewell to politics. The former president of Austria has been hunted down for corruption. That is why he decided to resign and is now completely out of politics. European correspondent Kirt John Hahn explains why Kurz came to this conclusion.

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Postman in the United States

Announcements of action in American politics this week. Stacy Abrams is running for governor of Georgia, much to the delight of Democrats. Mehmet Oz, Oprah Winfrey’s renowned television doctor, is running for the Senate for the state of Pennsylvania on behalf of the Republicans. American correspondent John Postma explains.

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