Why cleaning is becoming so popular: 'mess in your environment mess in your head' |  Living

Why cleaning is becoming so popular: ‘mess in your environment mess in your head’ | Living

TV showEefje Sedee, known from the TV show Your house is in order (SBS 6) Has done cleaning and tidying work. With the changing consumer behavior and the response to it, with the arrival of all sorts of elegant gurus, getting tidy is becoming an increasingly exciting thing. “In the United States, no one is surprised if an elegant coach is invited.”

Since the CD appeared on Dutch television, his business has accelerated. Her Instagram inbox exploded, bookings skyrocketed and her surroundings kept asking her about organizing their house. “It’s something everyone lives with. Now we have more at home and a lot of work from home.”

Why is it so neat on TV?
“You know a lot about what you see around you. Cleaning up worries everyone and everyone knows the problems. The tips and tricks we show through the TV show motivate many viewers to get started on their own. After each episode I get pictures of the neat shelves. The transformation makes the show fun to watch. And it is sometimes a small feast for the suffering of others.

Has things changed in the field of regulation in the last twenty years?
“A lot of things have changed. We all have so much more, which has certainly only increased in the last twenty years. With the click of a button, your collection is right on your doorstep. The trend of disciplining coaches has been around for some time in other parts of the world.In the United States, no one would be surprised if a cleaning instructor is invited.

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Tips by Eefje Sedee
1. Sort your items and store them in transparent containers. This way you can see what is in it.
2. Not sure if you want to have a towel? Then turn the fabric pendant the other way. Is it still different after three months? Stay away from it!
3. Some things are sentimentally valuable. To keep it a bit neat, you can save them one by one Memory box. That way you have all of those beautiful things together.

Why is cleaning so important?
Confusion in your living environment creates confusion in your head as well. Cleaning gives you time and peace of mind because you know where everything is. If there is a fixed place for everything, there will be more time for other things in life. I notice that an elegant home has a positive impact on those I help. It provides support and structure.

Do you want to organize or can you teach it?
“I think one is definitely cleaner than the other. But with the right notes, a fixed place for all your things and a critical view of what you do and what you do not need, it’s hard to look at our stuff critically. But still, all that is broken, Can’t fix it anymore, get rid of it! Just like clothes you no longer wear / match or items you no longer use, give it a second life at a thrift store, clothing bank or another great endeavor.

What should you focus on when you start?
Start small and clear, for example with your trash can in the kitchen. Decide immediately whether or not to discard your things, and do not delay your decisions. In other words, moving objects does not have to be orderly! When you organize, take everything out of that one cupboard or cupboard. Create a kind of mini-shed when sorting your clutter. From there, look at what you really want to retrieve and confirm the logical layout. “

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Je Huis Op Orde can be found on SBS 6 at 9.30pm on Wednesday and can be viewed via KIJK.nl.

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