It will soon work against all types of cancer –

It will soon work against all types of cancer –

Immunotherapy is undoubtedly the most important breakthrough in the search for a cure for cancer in the past decade. Great strides are still being made.

Dutch Professor Christian Planck Submit to HLN How it works. “Immunotherapy does not directly target cancer cells, but rather activates and stimulates the body's immune cells to fight cancer cells,” says research leader Anthony van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. “This treatment has significant advantages. Most patients say they tolerate immunotherapy better than immunotherapy.” “Chemotherapy. The important difference with the past is that patients who initially completed treatment received immunotherapy. Now it is also used against cancer at an early stage, usually before surgery.”

An interesting finding is that stress hinders treatment. “Of the 88 patients, 28 indicated that they had experienced an unusual amount of stress before treatment. They also responded less well to treatment. The disease recurred more often in the following two years than the other patients. More research will be done. “We have to clarify what role this plays.” Stress exactly. However, our findings are in line with an international study showing that patients with melanoma who use beta blockers for their heart respond better to immunotherapy. Beta blockers prevent stress. “This is great news, because they are cheap and readily available medicines.”

The researcher also knows that there is still much to be done. “Yes, there are still many questions that need to be answered, but we must not forget that we have already achieved a lot in the field of immunotherapy in the last 10 to 15 years. We have now been able to show tremendous benefits in treating skin cancer. I believe we will see progress.” “This is something we should be proud of,” Plank said. “.

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