IT budgets will increase significantly in 2022

IT budgets will increase significantly in 2022

Companies in North America and Europe are more willing to invest in technology than they have been in the last two years. More than half of them (53 percent) plan to increase their IT budget. 35 percent think they will spend as much in 2022 as they do this year.

This is clear from the report ‘Status of 2022’ By SpiceWorks Giff Davis (SWZD). Most of the companies surveyed are optimistic. 61 percent expect their earnings to rise again in 2022 after a significant decline In 2021. This leads to higher IT budgets, especially in large companies with more than 500 employees.

The trend of increasing the share of IT budget going to cloud and managed services continues. Expenditure on ‘future technology’ will receive a strong boost in the new year. Many AI and data programs that were left lying around during infections are removed from the shelf.

This will not be an easy year again for technology buyers. More than 40 percent of companies expect shortages, rising prices, delivery delays and logistics issues. The human resources departments will also be busy. One in four IT professionals is looking for another job or plans to change jobs by 2022. Of this group of job seekers, 86 percent consider a position that can be filled remotely.

Work from home

Research shows that the epidemic-driven urgency for long-distance work has a significant impact on future technological costs. Only IT developers and other IT professionals choose to work from home, and other employees like it too.

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According to a previous SWZD study, while it is safe to return to the office, a quarter of employees continue to work long distances. This means that companies that want to retain their employees are forced to invest in technology to support long-distance workers.

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