In America they drag race with 19-liter V8 diesel trucks

In America they drag race with 19-liter V8 diesel trucks

One believes we need to do everything we can to save the climate, while the other wants to keep chugging along with his diesel. No matter what you drive, your CO2 emissions will drag the race in America compared to these trucks with a 19-liter V8 diesel engine.

In the Netherlands, the highway was blocked and people couldn’t keep driving with their frugal turbo engines or three-cylinder engines. Whatever you think, Extinction Rebellion is doing what it can to save the climate and spread its message.

Destruction Rebellion is certainly not against fuel cars blocking the highway, but against fossil subsidies. However, motorists suffered a lot due to this move.

Drag racing with a 19-liter V8 truck

The American branch of the activist group is sleeping. Because it is remarkable in this day and age that nobody chained themselves to the asphalt of Kunle Motorsports Park. Drag racing with big diesels really isn’t good for the planet.

Drag Race is similar to Tractor Pulling, but in this case it’s about how quickly the trucks cross the finish line. The trucks have to travel approximately 210 meters before crossing the finish line.

Diesels tow a trailer weighing more than 45,359 kilograms, so they don’t move very fast. The black smokestacks and the fronts of the trucks prove that very high forces are being released.

Lots of diesel

Truck engine blocks can have a maximum of two turbos and one injector per cylinder. Competition demands that the power source always be a 19-litre V8 diesel. Bad for the planet, good for airline miles.

This twelve-cylinder diesel can be bought for just as much money as the Volkswagen Polo

The organization of the event supports a portion of the profits to all kinds of charities. In this way, you can try to emotionally compensate for the annual diesel scandal.

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