‘Touch everyone, then passport’ |  PNR News Radio

‘Touch everyone, then passport’ | PNR News Radio

In Brussels, the debate over the vaccine passport is loose. Countries like Denmark, Greece and Sweden are in favor, but not all member states are positive. According to Royal Godinho, former director of RIVM, vaccination passports are unavoidable, but only after everyone has been vaccinated. He was a guest of Bernard Hummelberg. We also discuss his new book: ‘Wax, How Vaccines Made Our World Better’.

‘Prove everyone, then the passport’

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Vaccine for a police officer in Madrid. Vaccinations are now underway in Europe, and the debate over the vaccine passport begins.EPA / JUAN CARLOS HIDALGO

Iran is good

The United States wants to revive the Iran deal and make a number of small recommendations to Iran. But Tehran allows Joe Biden’s long arm hang for a while. What is Iranian strategy? Bernard Hummelberg talks about this with political analyst Damon Coleris.

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Postma in the United States

CBAC Conference on Conservative America takes place this weekend in Florida. Here is his first keynote address since Donald Trump stepped down. At the beginning of that speech, Republican Mitt Romney warns that if nothing happens, Trump will win the candidacy again in 2024. Is this the moment when Donald Trump will take over the party completely? Our correspondent John Postma arrives there and reports.

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