“I want to spend a week in hibernation.”

“I want to spend a week in hibernation.”

Editor-in-Chief Andre Kessler is busy, so he’d like to hibernate for a week. But can the human body really handle that?

I do not complain. We have the best job in the world, but we are very busy in the editorial offices of KIJK and KIJK History. Every year we fill hundreds of pages of the regular editions of both magazines and create beautiful specials such as Theory of (almost) everything subscribers receive in that issue that is on sale to “individual buyers” in-store or in our webshop.

We also do small specials like the one for marine giant Heerema Marine Contractors, a series of science podcasts with Diederik Jekel, a well-visited website… and so on. Moreover, we would also like to give KIJK a new look, because the old one is about six years old.

A new design like this — which you’ll see starting in the next big winter issue — means looking for examples of where things should go visually, ideas for new sections, different fonts, and more effective ways to provide the in-depth information that KIJK is known for bringing. In short: the so-called redesign is very interesting, but it also leads to an endless series of meetings and some additional work.

Wake up fitter and more muscular

So I am Marisa van den Berg’s wonderful story of hibernation I read, I thought: I want that. It hasn’t been long, but a week of snoring in torpor, as hibernation is called in scientific circles, sounds great. With any luck, as I learned from Marissa’s story, I’ll wake up fitter and more muscular and I’ll also be better protected against radioactive radiation. I’m not sure what the last one is for me, but hey, no use…

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Unfortunately, further into the text, some of the less pleasant aspects of hibernation are also discussed. So I stay awake; At least until “science” ensures all my memories stay in place and, as some slumberers seem to believe, I don’t wake up exhausted. Then such a week of hibernation is useless. Because I’m not complaining. but…

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