Hope and Betty from HMMIK have been sleeping in the living room for fifteen years: “Nicotine is falling from the walls” |  RTL Street

Hope and Betty from HMMIK have been sleeping in the living room for fifteen years: “Nicotine is falling from the walls” | RTL Street

Bright yellow walls from smoking, broken floors and sleeping in the living room because the bedroom is not livable. This is how Hope and Pyatt lived in their house for fifteen years. His cousin Wesley can no longer watch how his aunt and uncle live and asks for help, “Help, my husband is a handyman!”

“I really hate seeing him”

In 2006, just after starting to renovate the house, Hope suffered a brain hemorrhage, stopping the work completely. As a result, problems pile up and their house slowly turns into ruin. “I really hate seeing him,” Wesley says.

The situation is so dangerous that Hope and Pyatt flee their home. “This is their home and you should feel safe here and not somewhere else,” their cousin explains. Therefore, John seeks help from his skilled team to transform the house into a dream home.

But when the tension hits Huub and Beat, it becomes too much for Huub. “It's not working the way I want it to. (…) It's not working very often anymore and that's the big problem.” His brain drain has made simple things in the past more difficult and he has to learn to accept that.

Fortunately, he's able to get back to her after a pep talk from John. “Let's see what's left in him,” John suggests to Hope. Within a few days, the house receives a complete renovation and designer Dagmar comes to furnish the house. Huub and Beate got new flooring and new furniture, making their home look new again.

When they enter their house again, they cannot believe their eyes. “Unbelievable. (…) I don't know what to say. I'm speechless,” Beth says in amazement. Hope is also very happy that the ruin they have lived in for fifteen years has been completely renovated. As he stands in the bedroom, tears pool in his eyes. “We'll sleep well here, sweetie.”

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Since the team of craftsmen couldn't handle everything in-house, Hub and Beate still had to work themselves. The bathroom in particular needs a comprehensive renovation. When John returns home two weeks later, he has no idea what he sees. “No, my friend, I was tricked.” The bathroom looks like new, and Huub and Beat are very happy with their “new” home. Finally they can enjoy their dream home in peace.

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