Finland chooses a half-naked Windows95man for the Eurovision Song Contest

Finland chooses a half-naked Windows95man for the Eurovision Song Contest

After last year's success during the Eurovision Song Contest, Finland is once again putting on a shock show this year. Windows95man won the national final last night and can therefore go to the Swedish city of Malmö to represent Finland in May.

Eurovision Song Contest fans generally love outlandish performances. The Finns in particular are good at this. For example, the country had a huge hit last year with Kariya, who took the stage in a bright green outfit. With his number Cha cha cha He gave Finland second place.

Windows95man Man without pants

This year, the Finns once again collectively chose to do high-profile action, this time from Windows95man. It is one of the most talked about acts of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show is about a man who appears to be wearing no pants. He is wearing only beige boxers and a white T-shirt with the Windows95 logo. Just before the show ends, Clothesline appears on stage and wears shorts.

The jury was not entirely enthusiastic about the hysterical display and gave the no No rules Windows95man has the lowest number of points. Therefore, the chance of representing Finland during the international exhibitions in Malmö seems slim. But Finnish public opinion thought differently. Finns voted en masse in favor of the bizarre act, allowing Windows95man to take to the stage in Malmö in May.

It also chose Latvia and Italy

Latvia and Italy also last night chose which law they will send to Sweden in May. Singer Donz may perform on behalf of Latvia. With his number Supernova He managed to get the highest scores from both the jury and the audience. However, he will be performing the song in May hollow.

In Italy, singer Angelina Mango won. Go with the number the girl Performance in Sweden. Mango, along with the Ukraine and UK acts, are bookmakers' favourites.

21 of the 37 participating countries have announced which artists will perform in Sweden. The final is on May 11th.

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