Carlo Boszhard wants to open the door for De TV Kantine again |  show

Carlo Boszhard wants to open the door for De TV Kantine again | show

Carlo Boszhard plays with the idea of ​​a new episode of TV canteen to make. This writes 53-year-old Boszhard in his column in Televizier. When the presenter wondered if “people grow up as in” TV canteenEven today, he suddenly saw a new scene before him.

This new scene is about Tim Hoffman who goes to investigate. “A new loop has developed in my head and I’m keeping it to myself because I really want to do it.” The episode is about “the world of television where everyone lies on top of each other”. Boshard wants to put that into perspective with a special order from TV canteen. Hoffman was previously portrayed by actor Valentin Benard on RTL.

Bouchard writes in his column that imitating people is beginning to bother him. “Because everyone is starting to do it,” he explains. “Now that we no longer have Deepfaken, Koefnoen-en and Nails with heads, I want to open the canteen door again.”

in TV canteen For years, Boszhard has downsized countless Dutch celebrities, from Patty Brard to René Froger and Gordon to René van der Gijp. At first he worked mainly with Erin Morse. Later, Elise Chap and Martin Heigmans often appeared on the show. The program was awarded the Golden Televizier Ring in 2010.

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