Here's what Apple's new rules mean for iPad users

Here's what Apple's new rules mean for iPad users

Apple announced this week what Europe's Digital Markets Act will mean for developers, with Spotify already taking a step forward and deciding to tell what it will mean for its users. This seems to be mainly for the iPhone, but what does it actually mean for the iPad?

Some of the changes announced by Apple will come to all platforms, but there are also things that will only come to the iPhone and not the iPad. This is partly because the iPad does not fall under the “gatekeeper” rule. Under this gatekeeper rule, Europe has designated several large and important platforms that it closely monitors and from which it also expects more.

iPadOS on iOS

The iPhone uses iOS and the iPad uses iPadOS, and since iOS is designated as a gatekeeper platform while iPadOS is not, Apple could make slightly different choices for the iPad. At the same time, it is also said that the App Store in general is under the gatekeeping rule, so this means more for the iPad App Store. That's why Apple announced some changes specifically for the App Store on all platforms.

This is what's coming only to the iPhone, not the iPad: a pop-up in Safari asking to choose a default browser, support for third-party browsers, choosing the default NFC and wallet app, and most importantly — the ability to install third-party app stores and download apps from those app stores. What's coming to the iPad is the ability for app makers to use alternative payment methods and pay lower commissions. Additionally, the App Store will be opened for game streaming apps.

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App Store

It will take effect starting with iOS 17.4, which is expected to be released in March and is currently being tested. Want to learn more about what app makers think about mods? Read also the article iOS app makers are angry again: An app outside the App Store may be too expensive.

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