Who is this?  Speed ​​camera vandal causes headache for police in Italy

Who is this? Speed ​​camera vandal causes headache for police in Italy

The vandal is referred to in the Italian media as the “Elastic Man”, after the tool he uses to cut through speed cameras: an angle grinder, or “elastic”. A few months ago, it struck for the first time in northeastern Italy, and since then it has been active fifteen times, as we mentioned.

Whether the morphs act alone, or with a partner, or whether mimics may also be active, remains a mystery. At one of the places where he last struck, the vandal left a handwritten note containing an ominous message: “Elastic Man is coming.”

Road safety is moderate

Images of downed speed cameras and the photo above of two men attaching their grinding tools to a speed camera box near the town of Asti in the Piedmont region are circulating on social media. Police have now arrested a 50-year-old suspect there. However, Piedmont is located in northwestern Italy, while the vast majority of the devastation occurred on the other side of the country, in the northeastern Veneto region. The question remains whether the police have arrested the only resilient man.

Although some Italians on social media consider Fleximan “a kind of modern Robin Hood”, As the BBC writesRoad safety in Italy still leaves much to be desired. Italy is within the European Union The eighth state When it comes to the number of deaths resulting from traffic accidents per million inhabitants. In 2022, Italy reported 53 deaths per million inhabitants due to traffic accidents. Romania (86) tops the list, while Sweden (21) has the lowest number of road deaths. In the Netherlands there are 35 deaths per million inhabitants.

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