Gert threw condoms and beer bottles over neighbors’ fences in Zeeman Confronteert for three years

Gert threw condoms and beer bottles over neighbors’ fences in Zeeman Confronteert for three years

“We don’t feel comfortable sitting outside in the evening,” Betty says. The stalker throws all kinds of things at their house: eggs, paint bombs, beer bottles. “We’d rather be at home, but then you’re in your own prison.” They are busy hunting every day, because there is always something to be found around the house: bottle shards or egg yolks on car windows. “You don’t want to and you can’t live like this.”

But who does this to them? They really have no idea. “That’s the problem. This has been going on for more than three years. We don’t understand it. What did we do wrong? We don’t argue with anyone. That’s the weird thing.” And they are not the only victims. A street away, Athalia and Stefan’s family are also terrified. Athalia tearfully tells Betty the same story. She is worried about her children. And also for throwing “full” condoms in their garden.

Through the cameras installed by the team He faces the sailors After hanging up, it becomes clear that both families are being harassed by the same stalker. This means that the entire neighborhood is now involved. This means that the perpetrator was caught red-handed without a doubt. This is how the locals learn the identity of the stalker: it is Gert who lives on Petit Street and Class.

Not only is he Betty’s neighbor, he is also the husband of Athalia’s friend. “Every time I texted her, it happened again that same evening or the next day,” she told Thijs Zemann. When she remembers Gert, she always acts strange towards her. “He would sometimes deliver texts like: ‘You look so beautiful.’ “And then he belittled his wife,” Athalia says.

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After several reports to police, there was now a suspect in sight. Officers must work on this. Gert has to come to the office. After his interrogation, Theis stands in front of the station to question Gert about the chase. “I have no interest in that,” he said as Theis jumped out of his truck to engage in the confrontation. Gert doesn’t want to say much about why he’s chasing Betty, Klaas, Athalia, and Stefan. “I have nothing to do with these people,” he says. Gert continues to deny this and walks through the entire neighborhood at a rapid pace. But for Thijs it’s clear: “If you walk away like that, you know you’ve done it.”

Thijs calls Athalia to tell her that she has most likely stopped the pursuit. “Awesome. It feels great. It takes a lot of weight off my shoulders,” she says over the phone. Gert objected to the broadcast. The police and judiciary are still busy with the case. But Theis was right: the strike was now stopped. Hopefully the question of why Gert harassed two families for three years will be answered in court.

He faces the sailors See you Tuesday evening at 8:30 pm on RTL 5.

Curious to know if there have been any developments on this issue in recent months? Thijs will update you in the video below.

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