Johan Dirksen becomes angry with Noa Vale: ‘Very unwise’

Johan Dirksen becomes angry with Noa Vale: ‘Very unwise’

Johan Dirksen disagrees with the choices Noa Valley has made recently in its media appearances. While the TV personality is usually very friendly with Televizier-Ring Talent, Derksen came to a different conclusion about Vahle’s recent actions Tuesday evening on Today Inside.

in Today inside Jenny gave a hint to Derksen by saying that Vahle will soon be seen in “I Love Holland.” That was a real pain in the ass Mustache. “It made me a little angry,” began Derksen, who tried to stop Albert Verlinde from interrupting with a pointed remark. “Wait a minute, Albert. I already know what you’re going to say,” Derksen said.

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“I thought it was very unwise. Noah started here in the editorial office. Suddenly, we needed someone to do a report, and she did an amazing job. That girl is a natural talent,” Derksen says. “She doesn’t use De Mol’s name, but her father’s name.” . Fine, everyone. But then I showed up at Linda’s with a very big interview. Then I said: ‘This is not wise.’ You can give an interview in any newspaper, but it doesn’t have to be in Linda. Then you get the sticky De Mol thing again, they help each other out. Wheelbarrow De Mall.”

Her planned performance on “I Love Holland” is also not appropriate, according to Derksen. “With all kinds of celebrities, who were being silly all evening. Such a little girl doesn’t belong here at all, she shouldn’t. She should go her own way and not join De Mol’s clique. I think it’s unwise of her mother.” And the lack of wisdom of her uncle. She should have said “I go my own way‘. Many people who see this misinterpret it. “She loses sympathy for that.”

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Table guest Verlinde meticulously waited his turn and agreed with Derksen’s words regarding the interview in Linda, but he saw the TV show “I love Holland” differently. “That couldn’t hurt, right? That music test you had, that was fun too, wasn’t it?” “And that marble,” Verlinde also stood up for Vahle a little. “Isn’t Noah allowed to do something sometimes? She’s an amazing talent and her appearance on I Love Holland doesn’t undermine that. “I love it and she should enjoy it.”

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