German police recover part of the loot that was stolen in 2019

German police recover part of the loot that was stolen in 2019

German police have found an “important” part of the jewelry collection that was stolen three years ago during a sensational art robbery at the Grünes Gewölbe Museum in Dresden. Authorities in Saxony, where Dresden is located, announced this on Saturday. The collections were taken in Berlin on the night of Friday to Saturday.

It concerns 31 recovered documents, “a number” of which appear to be complete. It is not known how many stolen items are currently lost or damaged. Found collections will be examined first by forensic experts and then by art experts. It is not known how the German authorities tracked down the documents.

The artifacts were stolen from the Dresden Green Vault, the so-called ‘Dresden Treasury’, in November 2019. The thieves managed to get their hands on a series of jewelry collections from the 18th century. The monetary value of the pieces remained unclear, although experts have stated that the value was mainly of an artistic and cultural-historical nature. If precious stones – such as diamonds, sapphires, and sapphires – are separated from sets to be sold individually, that value will be lost.

Saxony’s Interior Minister Roland Wöller said at the time that the robbery was “an attack on the cultural identity of Saxony”. Almost a year after the robbery, German police have managed to arrest three suspects. Before that, more than 1,600 elements raided in different places. It is also not known whether the suspects reported the groups to the police.

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