Qatar warns Belgium about the European Union Parliament's investigation into corruption

Qatar warns Belgium about the European Union Parliament’s investigation into corruption

He also criticizes the ban on Qatar’s representatives entering parliament, which has been in effect since the police arrested a vice-president, among others. According to the diplomat, OM used “inaccurate” information.

And in the past 10 days, the police have arrested four people who allegedly took bribes from two countries, according to Belgian media, Qatar and Morocco, to influence parliament. During a house search, Greek Vice President Eva Kaili and her father are caught in the act with hundreds of thousands of euros in cash. A total of €1.5 million in cash was seized during twenty home searches.

The statement said that the decision to impose such a discriminatory restriction that restricts dialogue and cooperation with Qatar before the legal process is completed will have a negative impact on regional and global security cooperation, as well as the ongoing discussions about global energy poverty and security.

We strongly reject allegations that our government is associated with misconduct. Qatar was not the only party named in the investigation, but only our country was criticized and attacked. We have noted with great concern the selective rulings of our country this week.”

According to the statement, it is “extremely disappointing” that the Belgian government has made no effort to enter into talks with the Qatari government. “Our countries have cooperated during the COVID-19 pandemic and Qatar is an important LNG supplier for Belgium.”

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A bribery scandal is growing within the European Union, and Morocco has also bought politicians
Not only was Qatar, Morocco also wanted to buy influence in the European Parliament. This is what the first suspect in the bribery scandal confessed to.

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