Four missing, including two children, after floods in Canada |  outside

Four missing, including two children, after floods in Canada | outside

In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, four people, including two children, have been missing since Saturday after floods caused by heavy rains. This has been reported to the police.

The two children were in a car that pulled water. Three other passengers made it to safety. The search for children began. Elsewhere, two more people went missing in similar circumstances, according to the police, who did not say exactly where this happened.

The torrential rains that have hit the province since Friday evening have made many roads inaccessible, homes have been flooded and the dam is in danger of bursting.

Residents of the Windsor area, about 40 miles northwest of the regional capital Halifax, were ordered to evacuate in the middle of the night due to the risk of a dam bursting, but the situation is said to be under control in the meantime. This tells us the Mayor of Windsor, Abraham Zabian.

Television images and social media show how some roads have turned into raging rivers and cars are left behind everywhere. County residents are advised to stay home unless an evacuation order is issued.

About 70,000 customers of power provider Nova Scotia Power were without power at the start of the day, but by the afternoon, that number was down to 6,000 homes.

Floating cars in Halifax, Nova Scotia. ©AP

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