Finally, proof: our black hole is now also in the picture

Finally, proof: our black hole is now also in the picture

NASA wrote on the website just for those who actually have no idea about this: a black hole is a region in the universe with so much gravity that not even light can escape. “A black hole can form when a star dies.”

Scientists know for sure: we will see this in all astronomy books. Because this discovery could lead to whole new insights into physics. It’s not the first image of a black hole, because it was there in April 2019 Already shared a photo From a black hole far away, but this is the black hole of our galaxy. Not that it’s close: it’s 27,000 light-years away.

There are also graduation materials

But what do you actually see in this picture? The panel is actually a combination of several telescopes connected together, the so-called Event Horizon Telescope. It’s all about the dark part in the middle, as the luminous granules around it are absorbed.

But beware: according to astrophysicist Sera Markoff, it’s not just that black holes suck up matter. Sometimes the material comes out. “And that’s often very different from when it happened.”


One reason for this is the so-called “spaghettitation”. Markov: “Gravity works there the same way it does here, but it’s much stronger. So it feels more strongly under your feet than at your head, distracting each other, as it were.”

Fun fact, but we hardly have any real physical knowledge about black holes, but their existence has been proven by photo. A milestone for researchers, who knew from measurements that something like a black hole must exist in our galaxy, but they had no visible evidence of it. Until now.

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A black hole can’t be seen with the naked eye, of course, but it might be good for the stargazers among us to know where the hole is. If you are looking for a clear night, look for the constellation “Sagittarius”. Experts know that a black hole can be found nearby.

5 year analysis

The investigation of the photo took five years. It sounds long, but the images taken by the Event Horizon Telescope had to be pieced together and analyzed so that the actual conclusion could be drawn: this is a black hole. Our black hole.

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