FC Dordrecht strengthens itself with a Canadian defender

FC Dordrecht strengthens itself with a Canadian defender

The tall defender was born in Switzerland, raised in Dubai and has Greek, Canadian and Lebanese nationality. In the United Arab Emirates he played for Dubai City Football Club. He then moved to America where he could combine his studies with college football at Holy Cross Men's Soccer.


“We got a request from our network if he could do an internship for a few days,” says Mark Ruyl, who offered the player at FC Dordrecht. “It's often difficult in the off-season to run well, but now it's worked out well because a few have not come.”

During that internship, Smira showed enough qualities to give her the opportunity to grow further in the coming months. “He made a very interesting impression and was very strong,” says Ruil, who insists he needs to take more tactical steps. “In the Netherlands we learn it at a very young age, but for him it was very different.”

'Hopefully he will progress'

Ruijl likens Smira's situation to that of Bartek Smolarcic, who came 'out of nowhere' and made an impact at FC Dordrecht. “He has a special story and deserves to be given the opportunity to develop into a solid player. I hope he makes the steps we believe he will.”

After his internship during the winter break, Smyra was signed to rejoin Dordrecht's promising squad two weeks ago. On Tuesday he will play in a practice match against Excelsior's under-21 side.

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