Fast 1080p gaming PC for only 800 euros!  – Computer – Videos

Fast 1080p gaming PC for only 800 euros! – Computer – Videos

Although the video is beautiful, I still have some questions. Have you enabled DLSS in Cyberpunk 2077? If so, what are the settings? Have you also tried Ray Reconstruction and Frame Generation? What Ray Tracing settings did you try, was it normal or psychic RT? Or have you turned on Overdrive mode?

The reason I'm asking these questions is because I've seen several videos of better performance with the RTX 4060. I'd like some additional information about the settings you played with. Everything is at the highest level, but was it the case with DLSS and all the options I mentioned earlier (RR and FG)?

On top of that, it's a good informational video, and it's also short and sweet. I personally like it, because I often stop watching videos that last dozens of minutes. Enough information in those six minutes. Just miss those few points you mentioned. Other than that, it's a nice build, and not a lot of money.

The arrival of artificial intelligence technologies will one day become the future. I would like this information to also be included with every standard in the future. For example with or without DLSS/FSR and/or other techniques including FG and RR.

Here are several other benchmarks about the RTX 4060

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