False start of new radio station Jill Belen: The listener only hears the noise |  Displays

False start of new radio station Jill Belen: The listener only hears the noise | Displays

Only the hype can be heard at the new radio station, Radio4all, where Gilles Bellin has been appointed creative director. The station took over the FM frequency of the Sublime music channel Thursday-Friday nights, but did not set up the radio station in time.

During the July radio auction, Radio4all (formerly Financial News Radio) was one of the winners. The newcomer bought the FM frequency of the music channel Sublime for 6.1 million euros. But now that it’s broadcasting Thursday through Friday nights, the listener hears nothing but noise on 90.5/90.7 FM. The transmitter has been turned off.

It was also possible for the new radio station to air a playlist of music temporarily until programming was completed, but that cost tens of thousands of euros per month in music rights and distribution costs. Creative director Jill Belin says via an Instagram message that he’d rather spend a few months building a new radio station than opt for a temporary measure.

“radiation laboratory”

He wants to create an open channel for anyone who wants to create their own radio show. Everyone who is selected for a spot on Radio4all’s broadcast schedule participates in the advertising income. Beilin called it the public “radio laboratory”. There’s a lot of criticism in the radio world: Radio4all would lose a lot of money if they shut down the station, which you won’t be able to get back easily.

Robert Jan van der Hoeven of Broadcast Partners, the FM switcher, says he understands the choice. “Producing a radio product of a sufficient standard is not easy. It cannot be achieved overnight, although production technology can be immediately available, as far as we are concerned.

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The second newcomer to the radio scene is radio station Joe, which has been on the air since midnight. This station can be heard from DPG Media on 103.8/104.1 FM. The new radio station was launched with Something Happened on the Way to Heaven by Phil Collins.

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